JVR Consulting Inc. offers a wide array of MS SQL Server database optimization services. Whether you need part-time DBA assistance or 24/7 server maintenance, we’re the choice for you. Our suite of services includes:

  • Level Consultancy
    We know MS SQL Server database technology inside and out. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining scalable solutions that you can rely on to provide outstanding results again and again.
  • Security, Encryption and Database Contingency Disaster Recovery Plans
    Security is at the top of every company’s list. Whether you encrypt an entire database (TDE encryption) or need to encrypt specific columns, we can address those concerns.
    Today you need a solid Disaster Recovery strategy and Contingency model. Database Mirroring (depending on mode) will give your Service Level Agreement zero data loss and look’s to be Microsoft’s accepted Contingency and Disaster Recovery recommendation.
  • Database Conversion
    For database conversion projects, our experience runs the gamut. We can assist you with upgrading an existing MS SQL Server to the newest version, or with converting a mainframe legacy system to the industry standard. We know every conversion is unique, so every step—from planning to quality assurance to final implementation with backup considerations—is presented and developed with your system in mind.
  • Database Management
    We provide end to end database management services, including: database development and design (including logical and physical design analysis), data modeling, installations, enhancements, patches, monitoring, database rebuilds, system backup and recovery, replication, capacity planning, and troubleshooting.
  • Remote DBA Support
    Are you looking for a seasoned team to manage your MS SQL Server round the clock? Our solutions are cost effective and are provided by MS SQL Server database professionals. Click here for more information.
  • DatabaseTuning
    We know your MS SQL Server system is important to you, and that you rely on it to run smoothly. We help you accomplish this goal by improving response rates, identifying and resolving system problems and vulnerabilities, increasing scalability and making your system more cost effective. Click here for more information.
Free Advice!

Free Advice!

So glad you hit the link and please read on. It is that simple , send the email or contact us and let's talk. We are a company that has been blessed clients that are happy with us and keep us for years. Our proactive support contract pays for itself.  Some of those clients were just relationships built over time by talking to them and advising them. Whether you use us or not a quick call for me to listen to your questions and give you my feedback is just that. Let me talk to you about your plan and add some points that should be considered. Take them with you and keep in touch. Always there for you and your next questions.

Do we hope you use us for some of it ..sure ..but this is not the place or time for that.

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