Why consider JVR Consulting Inc. and their IT solution model?

Today’s market is tougher than ever and a key IT cost is payroll. Many companies are
downsizing and most companies are looking to reduce overhead costs.

Benefits to JVR’s solution are that you strictly pay an hourly rate or fixed fee with no
implications on a full-time hire, health benefits, 401-K, etc. With our off-shore presence,
we also provide that all important 3rd-shift monitoring where most of your maintenance,
nightly batch processing, and setup work can be accomplished and ready for the next day.
Whether you need 5 or 50 hours a week, JVR can make sure all processing and
maintenance needs are complete and ready for the next day.

Our senior DBA team is dedicated to your company. We do not use operators to tag calls
in a queue, where your company’s issues sits in a call list. Instead, we have
a DBA team online and available at all times or on call if needed.

JVR Consulting Inc. currently uses this model for other companies with great success.
Some of these companies are 24×7 shops and the need to monitor round the clock is imperative.

If you have DBAs on staff, their focus can be dedicated to future projects. JVR can handle the daily operational workload so that their time is better utilized.  In the event that your company does not have DBA on staff, our team can provide senior support for less than the cost of a junior DBA.  Have the luxury of knowing the JVR team has a working knowledge of your systems in case you lose a key employee.

For more information about JVR Consulting Inc. please visit our corporate website:
www.jvrconsultinginc.com or call me directly to set up a time to talk and/or meet with
you to further discuss the details of JVR’s business IT Solution model and what it can do
for your organization.

Free Advice!

Free Advice!

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