About JVR

JVR Consulting, Inc. was established in 1999 and quickly became a leading provider of database optimization solutions in the greater Philadelphia area. We have the expertise to provide best-in-class database services which includes custom-built solutions, enhancements to existing database systems, and database maintenance services.

Whether you’re implementing an entirely new database system, fine-tuning a Microsoft SQL Server, or ensuring a large production system is kept at peak performance with upgrades and patches, we are the provider for you.

We specialize in Microsoft SQL Server. Concentrating on this one area enables us to provide you with truly expert-level services.

We have developed strategic alliances to augment our database expertise with companies that specialize in project management, business analysis, development, and quality assurance, providing full SDLC support.

The company’s founder and president, Victor J. Canduci has been a Microsoft DBA since SQL Server version 4.2 was introduced 1992.

Free Advice!

Free Advice!

So glad you hit the link and please read on. It is that simple , send the email or contact us and let's talk. We are a company that has been blessed clients that are happy with us and keep us for years. Our proactive support contract pays for itself.  Some of those clients were just relationships built over time by talking to them and advising them. Whether you use us or not a quick call for me to listen to your questions and give you my feedback is just that. Let me talk to you about your plan and add some points that should be considered. Take them with you and keep in touch. Always there for you and your next questions.

Do we hope you use us for some of it ..sure ..but this is not the place or time for that.

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